What are the uses of aluminum profiles?

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Uses of aluminum profiles:

1. Aluminum profiles for construction

Building aluminum profiles mainly include aluminum profiles for doors and windows and aluminum profiles for curtain walls;

2. Radiator aluminum profile

Mainly used in various power electronic equipment heat dissipation, LED lighting heat dissipation, and computer digital products heat dissipation.

3. Industrial aluminum profiles

General industrial aluminum profiles refer to: mainly used in industrial production and manufacturing, such as automated mechanical equipment, the skeleton of the cover and each company according to their own mechanical equipment requirements customized mold opening, such as assembly line conveyor belt, hoist, dispensing machine, testing equipment, shelves, etc., electronic machinery industry and clean room.

4. Aluminum profiles for auto parts

Mainly used for auto parts, connectors, etc.

5. Furniture aluminum profile

Mainly used for furniture decorative frames, table and chair supports, etc

6. Solar photovoltaic profiles

Including: solar aluminum profile frame, solar photovoltaic bracket, solar photovoltaic tile fastener, etc.

7. Rail vehicle structure aluminum alloy profile: mainly used in rail vehicle body manufacturing.

Aluminum alloy profiles have the characteristics of light weight, good formability, high strength, corrosion resistance, recyclability, etc., and aluminum and aluminum alloys have been widely used in the field of rail vehicles in recent years.

8. Framing aluminum profiles: making aluminum alloy picture frames, framing various exhibitions and decorative paintings.

9. Aluminum profiles for medical equipment

Mainly used in: stretcher frames, medical equipment, medical beds, etc.!