The advantages of aluminum alloy wheels

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Aluminum wheels are currently installed in a wide variety of cars, from sports cars to high-performance cars, including MPVs and SUVs, as well as off-road vehicles

Here are some of the points that use aluminum alloy wheels:

◆Novel style
The appearance of your car is undoubtedly the first thing that attracts attention, but nothing can express the car and your style better than a set of attractive aluminum alloy wheels that suit your personality and life mood.
There will be a variety of styles that you are proud of, which is the brand when you are looking for wheels.

◆ Less weight (dynamic load) than conventional iron rings
The aluminum alloy wheels are lighter, and the car will be smoother when cornering and bumping after the weight of the wheel is reduced, making our driving safer. In addition, the reduction of the dynamic load of the car will contribute more to fuel saving, and fuel saving will be important to protect the environment and save money.

◆ Acceleration, gear shifting, braking are easier to control
After the weight of the wheel hub is reduced, the rotational load weight of the car is reduced, and the wheel hub is easier to respond directly and quickly to power changes, so the execution is fast and easy to operate when accelerating, shifting gears and braking.

◆ Improve cornering performance
Wheel upgrade is a fashion trend in the world hub aftermarket, and it is also the selling point of every dealer. The diameter of the wheel hub has been increased after the upgrade, but the aspect ratio of the tire must be reduced, so it is easier to maneuver when the car is cornering, because the turning is the deformation of the tire and the tilt of the car body is greatly reduced.
◆High dimensional accuracy and good balance
After CNC machining, the size and shape of the aluminum alloy wheel hub are accurate, so the dynamic balance is small, and our car can try higher speed, which is important for the highway that is also good to come, and also makes our life build on higher speed.
◆ Increase brake heat dissipation
Because of the good thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloy material, the air flowing around the aluminum alloy wheel can carry away the heat faster, which is obviously important for the brake system to cope with the heavy and complex situation, and also minimize brake attenuation